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Paul Pierce on whether he and LeBron James got into a fist fight after Game 4: 'No comment'

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

According to a web-site that more often than not makes up news to get some "hot clicks," Paul Pierce and LeBron James got into a fist fight at the end of Game 4 in Barclays Center in the "players tunnel."

Here's the "report":

It was going DOWWWWWN last night in Brooklyn after the Miami Heat-Brooklyn game. According to one of our HOMIES THAT PLAYS ON THE BROOKLYN NETS . . . LeBron James and Paul Pierce got into it in the players tunnel after the game. Our source tells us that Paul started talking SLICK . . . and LEBRON said the wrong thing.

Then . . . BLOOP . . . Paul Pierce allegedly (not trying to get anyone fined) PUNCHED LEBRON RIGHT IN HIS JAW. Let us repeat that . .. BRON GOT SNUCK IN THE FACE!!! This ain't rumor - it's FACT!!

According to our insider ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE when LeBron got touched . . . and Bron had to be restrained by up to 10 MEN. We're told LeBron looked like A CRAZED MAN!!

So, why you ask are we giving credence to such an absurd story by an outlet that has a higher FG% (Fake Gossip percentage... nice one, Lorenzo) than LeBron James' field goal percentage in Game 4 against the Nets? Well, for two reasons.


Secondly, Pierce was asked about "the incident" at shootaround on Wednesday prior to Game 5 in Miami.

So what you're saying is...this story is absurd, I assume.

Look, Erik Spoelstra already commented on this fake story.

And beyond that, I can tell you what I know. First of all, the players exit from separate player tunnels after the game. The visitors exit from the north side of the arena and the Nets exit the court from the south on their way to the locker rooms, with neither team passing each other in the "players tunnel" after the game.

Secondly, there was about 100-plus members of the media, including photographers, videographers, etc., who have access to these tunnels after the game. Not one -- not one! -- saw anything happen?

Yes, anything is possible. Just, not plausible.