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Celebrity Watch: Lot of big names at Barclays for Game 4

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It may have been the most star-studded evening at Barclays Center since Sir Paul McCartney demanded a t-shirt!

There were regulars like Jay-Z, Beyonce' and Michael K. Williams; new regulars like Jason Sudekis and Olivia Wilde; sports celebrities like Floyd Mayweather and Ilya Kovalchuk; the Denzel Washington; one of the world's richest men in Mikhail Prokhorov and the face of evil in Brooklyn, film director and teacher Spike Lee, who sat on the Heat bench wearing a Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey to honor Ray Allen and promote their coming re-make.

Jay-Z, fresh from a confrontation with sister-in-law Solange, wasn't talking to reporters and alerted his bodyguard to same. He did chat with his friend, LeBron James. Remember, he is no longer a Nets minority owner but a sports agent looking for a client.

If we're missing anyone, have your publicist give us a ring.