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Anyone want the Mini-MLE? Bogdanovic to stay in Turkey for two or three years

For whatever reason --disappointment his deal with the Nets didn't work out last summer, loyalty to his coach, fear of sitting on the bench his first year in the NBA, money-- Bojan Bogdanovic has decided to sign a new deal with Turkish powerhouse Fenerbahce. EuroHoops reports the deal will be two to three years in length but with small NBA buyouts.

EuroHoops' Nikos Varlas writes...

According to sources both in Turkey and on the other side of the Atlantic the Croatian forward is ready to sign a new contract with Fenerbahce/ Ulker for the next two or three seasons. For many it’s considered already a done deal, the Nets don’t expect him any time soon and the negotiations at this point revolve around the possible NBA buy out which will be included specially in a three years contract.

It sounds like the deal will be done long before the Nets could offer him a deal on July 1. The Nets could have givne Bogdanovic the mini-MLE --$10 million over three years. Now, it's available to bring back free agent Shaun Livingston who's a free agent, or use on another player if the Nets can't reach a deal with Livingston who's expected to have many suitors.

Bogdanovic's decision, of course, had been  long rumored, but not the length of the deal or the small buyouts. It was the cost of large buyouts in the past that kept him overseas, among other reasons. Bogdanovic, a 6'8" forward with a Paul Pierce-like game, reportedly doesn't want to sit on the bench in the NBA.  Now 24, Bogdanovic will turn 25 next season. He has said he intends to play in the NBA, but it's uncertain if the Nets want to continue to wait on him, particularly amid reports that he and the Nets front office had a falling out after last summer's failed negotiations to bring him over.

Bogdanovic will turn 25 next season. The Nets have been offering his rights around but with this report, his value will almost certainly drop.

Bogdanovic started the season, playing well and scoring a lot of points. Then after the New York his production tailed off dramatically. On Monday, he had his best game in weeks, scoring 19 points, grabbing five rebounds and and handing out two assists in a the first Round of the Turkish Basketball League playoffs.