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Video: Joe Johnson says LeBron James 'flopped' down the stretch

BROOKLYN - With the Nets down by down by two points and less than a minute to play, they went to Joe Johnson in the post in hopes of drawing a sixth foul on LeBron James. Johnson went to the basket, tried to draw contact, LeBron fell to the ground, no call, Johnson missed the field-goal attempt, and the game was, eventually, over. The Miami Heat won 102-96, taking a 3-1 series lead.

Here's the play, courtesy of CJ Fogler:

After the game, Johnson was asked about the play and whether or not he was trying to draw a sixth foul on LeBron. Johnson said he was more so trying to be aggressive, before going on to say that LeBron had flopped.

Video shot and edited by Dexter Henry and David Menze.