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Jeff and Marquis Teague invest in revival of iconic Indiana arena


It's not on the scale of rehab of the Nassau Coliseum, but reviving the Anderson, Indiana, Wigman is a big deal for Central Indiana natives, particularly the Teague family. Shawn Teague, the father, played high school ball there in the 1970's before playing at Boston University and moving to Indianapolis, where his sons Jeff and Marquis Teague played high school ball before becoming NBA players. The brothers have run camps in Anderson as well.

On Monday, the brothers announced that they will be investing in the restoration of the historic high school gym, with its wooden interior and 9,000 seats. The amount of the investment and the breakdown between the brothers wasn't disclosed.

Wigwam Sports & Entertainment hopes to rehab and revitalize the arena so it can be used as a venue for both sports and entertainment, with some suggesting a D-League team would be an ideal tenant  Anderson was once the home to giant General Motors plants that employed 40,000 locals, but that's long gone and the city has gone through hard times.