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Tim Capstraw: Paul Pierce good for another two years

Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Capstraw, the Nets color commentator (and a Nets employee), tells a Celtics radio blog that he believes Paul Pierce still has a couple of years left and adds that Pierce is "an excellent addition" to the Nets. In the same interview, Capstraw says Kevin Garnett brings "so many intangibles" to the game that he believes the Nets want him back.

Admitting he doesn't know what management is thinking, Capstraw talks about the former Celtic mainstays' value to the Nets. Pierce is a free agent in July and there have been reports he wants to remain in Brooklyn.

''I think he still has a couple of years of good basketball left in him. They won't be Hall of Fame years, but he still has a great pace, a good feel for the game, and he has a strong basketball IQ.'' He said of Pierce. "Paul Pierce has been incredibly important to the transformation of [the Nets],'

As for KG, Capstraw isn't sure whether he will be back but thinks the Nets want him to return.  KG is guaranteed $12 million next season.

"I don't know. It's a good question. He has another year on his contract. He's been the recepient of an awful lot of money in his career, I don't know if that one year on his contracts is going to make him make the decision," said the former college coach.  "I think he's a question mark if he returns, again his leadership is so strong the Nets would want him."

With the Nets down 2-0, there's been speculation that the two could move on, or in the case of Garnett retire, which he admitted he considered last summer.  Some still believe that even down 2-0 to the world champs, the presence of the two superstars could help the Nets make a comeback.

"These guys don’t quit.," wrote Matt Dollinger in a Sports Illustrated roundtable. "They didn’t pack it in when Brook Lopez went down for the season. Or when Lawrence Frank was kicked to the curb. Or when they started the season 10-21. This is a resilient team. And if there was ever a team they could find the motivation to rally against, it’s the Heat."