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Stephen A. Smith says Brooklyn and its fans should 'stop being a bunch of wusses'

Streeter Lecka

During the Nets' Game 5 matchup against the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday night, Brooklyn Nets in-house beat writer Lenn Robbins dropped a critical tweet on the Nets' Twitter account in which he said that Nets fans need to take note from Raptors fans in how to act at games. Naturally, that didn't go over well among Brooklyn fans.

The Nets, on Thursday, did tweet out an apology and removed themselves from Mr. Robbins' comments.

Most were critical of Mr. Robbins' comments, including those within the team's front office. However, Mr. Robbins does have one "talking head" taking his side and applauding his comment. That person being, Stephen A. Smith, of ESPN fame.

Josh Newman of SNY provides the audio file:

Listen HERE.

Smith essentially screams -- yes, screams -- for Nets fans to "stand up!" and echoes Mr. Robbin's sentiment. Smith's advice is for Nets fans to "stop being a bunch of wusses."

He also said he was "ashamed" about how the Nets handled the situation with Mr. Robbins. And goes on to put "shame" on Nets fans for not bringing the home-court advantage.