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Watch: NBA All-Stars talk about what it's like to play against Kevin Garnett

While Kevin Garnett's numbers this season won't necessarily jump out at you, many of his colleagues, including players like John Wall, Kevin Durant, Marc Gasol, David Lee, Joakim Noah and others, still greatly respect what he brings to the game.

Matthew Stucko of the YES Network had a chance to speak with several players around the league about Garnett and what it's like to go up against him and, more importantly, how they deal with his trash talking.

Kevin Durant told Stucko that he "looked up to Garnett" when he was a kid, adding that he still does look up to him even now. Kyle Lowry, who is in the midst of a tough playoff series against Garnett and the Nets, said that Garnett's patented trash talking does not bother him one bit.

Lowry told Stucko, "I don't back down, it makes me excited," referring to Garnett's trash talking. He went on to add that he returns the barbs and gets into it with Garnett on the court.

At the end of the day, though, it's all about respect, and there seems to be plenty of respect for Garnett from around the league.