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Fans angry with @BrooklynNets twitter feed after gratuitous slap


The game was close early in the second quarter when the Brooklyn Nets own twitter feed took slap at Nets fans.

The tweet seemed to suggest that the team, or at least its in-house beat writer Lenn Robbins (LR in the tweet), are disappointed in the team's fans.  As Bleacher Report wrote, the team's official Twitter account "took it out on the fans."

The Toronto Sun's Ryan Wolstat took note as well.

It got so bad that Brooklyn’s own Twitter account called out the unimpressive fans at Barclays Center.

"Nets fans take note- this is what a playoff crowd sounds like..set your DVD and take notes," read the tweet. Ouch.

And the Raptors official twitter feed endorsed it as "Tweet of the Night."

One team executive, assistant GM Bobby Marks, was quick to respond.

And the team's most enthusiastic fans, the Brooklyn Brigade, angrily noted that they had been hassled and harassed by Barclays Center employees.

Other fans expressed similar feelings at what they saw as a gratuitous slap at fans, as did we.

Robbins expressed similar feelings before the game.  In his personal twitter account, he noted that the Raptor fans have been "better."

Of course, the solution may be for the team not to get down so fast next time.