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Video: Mason Plumlee blocks LeBron James, as Nets sweep the Heat in the season series

It's not often we dedicate an entire post to one single play, especially one made on the defensive side of the basketball, but the Mason Plumlee block on LeBron James in the final seconds of Tuesday night's 88-87 win over the Heat definitely deserves its own space on the Internet. It need not be shared with any other content.

The set-up is simple: With 10 seconds to go and the Nets leading by one, Ray Allen pulls down a rebound on the defensive end, setting off the Heat in transition. The ball ended up in Rashard Lewis' hands, where he is contested at the rim by Paul Pierce. LeBron James comes up with the lose ball and a seemingly open line to the basket. Then, Mason Plumlee happened.

Yo. Wow. Mase. 'Sup? I mean. Wow.