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Jason Kidd ranked No. 18 overall in ESPN's NBA coaches rankings

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN continues to release their "Front Office Rankings," which ranks each NBA front office, including owners, general managers and management, and coaches from best to worst. The Nets in their overall ranking came in at No. 15. Friday, however, ESPN released their list of top NBA coaches and Brooklyn Nets first-year coach Jason Kidd came in at No. 18 overall in their list.

Kidd, winner of Eastern Conference Coach of the Month in both January and March, has turned what was well on its way to being a disaster of a season to a point where the Nets in the final weeks of the season are within striking distance of winning the Atlantic Division.

Here is how they based their ranking:

We asked our ESPN Forecast panel to rate every owner, basketball decision-maker and coach from zero to 10, and we asked the panel to tell us how important each role is.

In particular, we asked the voters to rate each team's coach in terms of their performance in guiding the franchise to overall on-court success, both in the short and long term.

Meanwhile, ESPN ranked ONEXIM Sports and Entertainment and Mikhail Prokhorov, the team's majority owner, as the 8th best owner in the NBA and Billy King and team management ranked at No. 28.