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Coach who recruited Bogdanovic appears to trash him after Euroleague dream ends


Bojan Bogdanovic has said before he goes to the NBA he wants to win something for his coach, Zeljko Obradovic, but after Thursday, the list of things Fenerbahce can win is down to one: the Turkish League. And Obradovic seemed to have slammed Bogdanovic, universally regarded as Fener's best player.

Fener is a major disappointment.despite having spent a lot of money and hiring "the Phil Jackson of Europe" as its coach.  In preseason, the Istanbul club had been touted as a possible European champion,but they ddn't even make it to the Round of Eight. A 22-point loss Thursday to Laboral of Spain ended their Euroleague season. Now, all they have left is a shot at the Turkish League championship. They had already lost out in the Turkish Cup, a midseason tournament.

Obradovic, in post-game comments, took aim at his team, particularly its leadership, which presumably includes the Nets' pick.

Talking about basketball, and talking about any basketball team, one key aspect is motivation. And I saw my team played without any motivation. I feel terrible for the way we played tonight, especially for how the key players performed. They didn't care if the difference was 20 or 30...

I feel really disappointed because I think my team is very selfish. I told them that, too, in the locker room, so they know my opinion.

Bogdanovic scored 14 points in the game, shooting 3-of-9 overall, 1-of-4 from three but canning 7-of-8 from the line. He was guarded by Andres Nocioni, who scored 15.

The 6'8" Bogdanovic has been disciplined in his discussions of his future. He has said he will "surely" play for the Nets at some point but also said he "hopes" to play for Obradovic. He has declined to commit to either, often offering vague statements.