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About That Play: Andray Blatche, Game 5 and...wait, what happened?

The Brooklyn Nets fought back, and fought back hard, to turn Game 5 from an eventual blowout loss to a 2-point game in the final seconds. They had a chance to tie and/or win the game with seconds to go, after Andray Blatche went to the foul line, down three, and hit the first free throw. He then missed the second free throw with 4.9 seconds to go, and the Nets, miraculously, got the offensive rebound -- down two points -- and, well, ugliness ensued.

Shaun Livingston came in for the rebound, tipped it to Blatche who then proceeded to throw the ball over the head of a wide-open Deron Williams' head at the top of the key. The refs called a back-court violation, giving the Raptors the ball with one second remaining.

There was a thought that, one, Kyle Lowry tipped the ball, which would have meant no back-court violation and, two, when Deron Williams shot the half-court shot, it looked as if Jonas Valanciunas could have been called for a goaltend.

Neither of those were called, and the Nets, once down by 26 points, fought back but eventually lost the game, 115-113.

Toronto now has a 3-2 series lead, and Game 6 will be on Friday night in Brooklyn, where it will be win or stay home for the Nets.