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Zwerling: Brooklyn Nets among teams using RealGM to house scouting reports


Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report writes Wednesday on the various ways NBA teams handle scouting reports for the NBA Draft and presumably free agents.  Every team uses a version of FastModel software called FastSports (written team/player reports) and FastDraw ((offensive play video highlights). It's how the scouting reports, both video and text get organized that's different, writes Zwerling.

He details how each team manages its reports and videos, either a proprietary system that can cost $60,000 to set up; an open system where everything --e-mails, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets-- is shared; or the third alternative, which Zwerling calls the "trendiest" --a password-protected online account through basketball website  Yes, that RealGM, the same one fans use.  That's what the Nets use, along with the Pacers, WarriorsPelicans and Knicks.

Using both their own material --and the wealth of data on RealGM's open site, scouts feel they have a more fullsome alternative.

"It’s the depth of information, and the quality of our tools and reports that set RealGM apart," Todd Essman, RealGM's chief operating officer, told Zwerling, referring to their own salary cap and draft databases.

But what about the security of a password-protected systems, with multiple access points? No worries, says Essman. There have been no security breaches. A league source confirmed Essman's point. Could be a problem, said one scout. "If somebody downloads all your scouting files and tracks them or leaks them to Deadspin." Speak for yourself, scout. Some of us might enjoy it!