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Drake trolls Kevin Garnett on Instagram after Game 4

Jamie Squire

Rapper Drake, who is the celebrity ambassador for the Toronto Raptors, too to Instagram to take a shot at Kevin Garnett and the Brooklyn Nets after Toronto's Game 4 victory on Sunday night. The series, now tied at 2-2, heads back to Toronto on Wednesday night.

Here is what Drake posted on his Instagram account shortly after Game 4:

There you have it. It's quite harmless, considering that Drake, a noted fan of all things front-runners, was likely at one point in his long history of rooting for trends and winners, a Kevin Garnett fan. Conversely, Garnett has admitted to being a Drake fan himself, telling Lisa Robinson of Vanity Fair back in February that he listens to Drake pre-game to get hyped.

"I listen to Lorde, Drake, Kanye West, Portishead, Zero 7, Colbie Caillat—it depends on my mood," Garnett said. "I always listen to music before a game; music helps me in many ways. When I have my headphones on and am listening to whatever I’m listening to, it’s like yoga or meditation—it calms me and puts me in a better place."

We'll see if Garnett continues to listen to Drake after this soft shot. Also of note, Lorde has yet to Garnett, so there's that.