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Michael K. Williams makes his feelings known on Donald Sterling

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets have chosen Michael K. Williams, Flatbush native and star of "The Wire" and "Boardwalk Empire" to announce the Nets starting lineups at Barclays Center.  And Sunday night, Williams let the crowd know how he feels about Clippers owner Donald Sterling. (Video by Jared Dubin)

In case you couldn't hear it, Williams said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, There is no room in the NBA for Donald Sterling. My name is Michael K. Williams and I'm a huge fan from Brooklyn."  With him --and also dressed in Nets' gear, was his co-star in "The Wire," Felicia Pearson, aka "Snoop."

Williams' comment was one of several by Nets players Sunday, following the airing of Sterling's comments on African Americans over the weekend. Paul Pierce was most vocal.

"Man, I was real shocked just to hear, you know, I had a chance to listen to all the comments he had and I was very shocked to hear that come from an owner," Pierce said. "Especially from an owner who has hired a black coach, gave him a lot of power to what’s going on in the organization, just to kind of hear how he really feels."