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Washburn: Brooklyn Nets will have "stiff competition" for Shaun Livingston

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe and Mail reported Sunday that Billy King's top off-season priority, signing Shaun Livingston, won't be easy, that there will be "stiff competition" for the 6'7" point guard who emerged this season as a starting point guard with the Nets. He didn't name other suitors for the 28-year-old.

While Nets GM Billy King said re-signing Shaun Livingston is the team’s No. 1 priority, expect Brooklyn to have stiff competition for his services. Livingston has repeatedly said this is the best he’s felt since his career-derailing knee injury in 2007. Livingston played in a career-high 76 games this season (26 minutes per game) and shot 48.3 percent. Despite losing a step, Livingston is still a matchup nightmare for guards because of his height (6 feet 7 inches). Livingston, who signed a series of 10-day contract over the years, may be looking for a lucrative multiyear contract.

Livingston becomes an unrestricted free agent in July. He's been playing on a series of vets minimum deals the past several years, even being cut by the Wizards last season.  The Nets can offer Livingston either a three-year, $10 million mini-MLE or a one-year vets minimum plus 20 percent, about $1.73 million, with the prospect of a Early Bird Rights extension a year from now.

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