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Kevin Garnett: Basketball is "like my spinal cord"

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Lenn Robbins, the Nets' in-house reporter, spoke this week with Kevin Garnett. KG spent more time talking about the present and the future than the past.

"[T]his is what I’ve dedicated my life, this is what my soul is made up of. When I sit back and think about what type of player I want to be known for, I want to be known for a player who gave everything," KG told Robbins. "Everybody says that. But sometimes the actions don’t speak for it."

He's looking forward to the playoff challenge, knowing (because Robbins told him) that if he wins a ring in Brooklyn he would join only 33 other NBA players who've won a championship with more than one NBA team.

KG also spoke about Mason Plumlee, in whom he sees the drive necessary for a solid NBA career.

"I see it in Mason. That’s why I’m on his ass because one day I’m not going to be here and he’s going to have to push through. That’s the consistency I gave Big Baby [Glen Davis]. That’s the consistency I gave Kendrick Perkins."

It's all part of love of the game.

"When it comes to basketball, this has always been my longtime girlfriend or wife," he says. "This has always been there for me. This is like my spinal cord."

Retirement? He doesn't see it happening yet, but admits that when it does, he like his coach will want to stick around.