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NBA Draft will be held at Barclays Center again


For the fourth straight year, the NBA Draft will be held at the home of the Nets. The league announced Friday that the 2014 draft, one of the most anticipated in years, will be held at Barclays Center  starting at 7 p.m. on June 26. it will be the second straight year the event will be held in Brooklyn. The draft was held at Prudential Center in Newark, the Nets last home in New Jersey, in 2011 and 2012.

The Nets of course do not currently hold any picks in either the first or second round, although team officials say they expect to buy a pick in the second round.  The Nets have four scouts assigned to collegiate players as well as an international scouting director stationed in Croatia. In addition, other members of the basketball operations teams spend time on the road scouting.

The 2014 Draft will be the first time Adam Silver, the new NBA commissioner, announce the first round picks after years of toiling exclusively in the second.

According to Mike Mazzeo, tickets will go on sale next month.

The return to Brooklyn was not a given. For years, the draft had been held at Madison Square Garden. It relocated first to Newark, then Brooklyn, while MSG was undergoing a $1 billion renovation.  There was some anticipation that with the renovation complete, the draft would return to Manhattan.  Instead, it's staying in Brooklyn.