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Watch: Grantland feature on Nets 'Number One Fan' Mr. Whammy

"No one has blocked more foul shots than me," famed Nets super fan Mr. Whammy told Grantland as part of a feature video they did on him and his services.

If you've ever been to a Nets game, be it in Brooklyn or New Jersey, you are familiar with Mr. Whammy's work. He sits behind the basket and hexes the opposing team while they shoot free throws. And he does so for the love of the Nets.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Mr. Whammy, whose real name is Bruce Reznik -- with a "z" and not an "s," as he'll tell you -- takes credit for the points he makes the opposing teams miss. "I love my Nets through thick and thin," Reznik told Grantland. "If the team comes in and misses a free throw, that's my point," he says.

He also talks about how he apologizes to opposing players before the game for "making them miss their free throws." "The Whammy is the power," he says.