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Photo leak: Nets to go with 'White-out' theme for playoffs

A photo leaked via twitter clears the air that the Nets will no longer use a 'black out' theme similar to last year, but rather a 'white-out' in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Nets

Thursday evening, just 24 hours before tip-off is scheduled for Friday night’s game 3 matchup in Brooklyn, a photo was leaked via twitter about the Nets going with a 'white-out' theme for the series. The photo shows the black seats covered with white rally towels:

Nets playoff slogan is: "FOR BROOKLYN." Also, "NBA playoffs only in Brooklyn" is being used as well. The slogan(s) could be taken in two ways: One being a jab at the Knicks who missed the playoffs, giving the Nets the supremacy in New York. Second, it gives Brooklyn natives and fans a sense of pride to represent the borough.

Moments after the news broke about the 'white-out' theme, an image of the rally-towel's to be handed out was also leaked:

Sounds like a new slogan is involved, inspired by Paul Pierce's triumphant yell Sunday.

Then, Friday morning, the Nets tweeted out a picture of Barclays Center.

The Nets are also making it known this is going to be a very special night in Brooklyn. They will have features such as the ‘ NETSational’ seniors, the Nets’ beloved dance team consisting of men and women ages 63-79; Brooklyn actor, Michael K. Williams introducing the Nets’ starting lineup; Also, talented entertainers from Brooklyn will perform the star-spangled banner. No secret the Nets’ front office is pushing Brooklyn natives to represent the organization in an energetic and positive way.

Coach Jason Kidd and Kevin Garnett have both emphasized that they expect a great crowd with a ton of energy, Friday night.

Last season, the Nets went with a ‘black-out’ theme. The organization is hoping for the same energy, but different results this time around.