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Former Raptors player (and one-time Net) calls Kevin Garnett 'a talker who can't back it up!'

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John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

When you think of a former Raptors players who also played for the New Jersey Nets you probably think Vince Carter first, second and third. Well, do you remember when Jamaal Magloire played for the Nets (2007)? No? How about when he played for the Raptors (2011-12)? Probably not, eh? Well, Magloire, who is now associated with the Raptors, in some fashion, has gotten the trash-talking itch, and he went to the Toronto Globe and Mail to scratch it.

Cathal Kelly asked Magloire to respond to Kevin Garnett's comment responding to Masai Ujiri's "F--- Brooklyn!" comment. You know, this one.

Kelly writes:

No, the most mercurial presence on the team is Toronto-born team consultant and aide-du-camp Jamaal Magloire. The former All-Star sits behind the bench during games. Based on observation, his primary job is berating the opposition.

Do Garnett’s comments bother you?

"Hell, nah," Magloire drawled. "He’s a talker who can’t back it up."

After dropping the mic, he swiveled away. Then he turned back and waved a finger the size of a jumbo hot dog.

"And you can print that."

Jamaal Magloire. Canada’s hype man.

And print that he did.

It's been tough to keep track of who says what in the back-and-forth game of trash talking, which really has been more one-sided than anything. I mean, the Raptors GM said "F--- Brooklyn!" and the newspapers called the Nets "dinosaurs," and then Paul Pierce calls the Nets "soft."

All shots seem to be firing the Nets' way. Expect, well, for the kind words from Grievis Vasquez who said he "loves" Kevin Garnett and had nothing put praise for Paul Pierce after Tuesday night's game when he spoke with Sarah Kustok.

Vasquez loves the Nets, but apparently no one else in Toronto does.

Meanwhile, a long-time Nets insider asks, "Is that the same Magloire who quit on his teammates and asked for a buyout when he was on the Nets?"  The playoffs are one tough room.

Game 3 is Friday night in Brooklyn, with the series tied at 1-1.