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Brook Lopez, with boot finally off, looking forward to return ... with Brooklyn Nets

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Brook Lopez has been in Toronto with his teammates and it would be hard to tell he's injured. He lost his walking boot on Monday and his spirits are good.  He even joked with Fred Kerber about the Nets success without him

"I say, ‘Small lineup. Uh oh, I’m pretty big…’ " said Lopez, who left little doubt he wants to return to Brooklyn. "This is where I want to be. I want to be back. I wish I could be out there, absolutely. I’m just finally happy to be able to travel again and support the team, be on the bench."

The Nets could have used Lopez's size Tuesday night in Toronto.  But his rehab from foot reconstruction and subsequent ankle surgery  is nowhere near complete.  He's started upper-body work last week. Basketball activities are still far off, he said, but Lopez fully expects to be ready for training camp.

He's proud of what his teammates have done without him.

"Look at the guys we’ve got out there," he said. "Clearly, it’s what we were capable of all season. We’ve been meshing, peaking, coming together at the right time."