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Raptors blame ESPN for Game One shot clock malfunction ... then recant

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Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

According to a Toronto Raptors team official, ESPN is to blame for the shot clock malfunction that happened in the second half of Saturday's Game One playoff matchup between the Raptors and the Nets. Then, as the day wore on, the story changed once again.

Doug Smith of The Star is reporting that the aforementioned team official said, in response to a question regarding the malfunction, "Let's just put it this way: they are not the Worldwide Leader in electricians." Burn! Apparently, ESPN plugged a cord into a wrong socket and it "fried enough circuits, which caused the shot clocks to malfunction.

Previously, the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment group released a statement on the issue in the Air Canada Centre, saying, "New cables will be run to ensure no issues arise on Tuesday, and the NBA will inspect both the fixed and backup systems for Game 2."

The statement went on, according to Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today:

"We experienced a signal path failure midway through the third quarter of today's game," the statement said. "Our backup system for the temporary shot clocks relied on the same source. New cables will be run tonight and tomorrow to ensure no issues arise on Tuesday and the NBA will inspect both the fixed and backup systems before Game 2."

Later, the the Raptors did another 180, suggesting that ESPN was NOT to blame. Cathal Kelly of the Toronto Star tweeted...

Still, it look like we won't need in-game announcer Herbie Kuhn to countdown the shot clock over the loudspeaker. It certainly added great comedic value, but in terms of gameplay, it will certainly help to have the shot clock back and working. Sorry, Herbie.