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And in the middle of it all, Drake disses Jay-Z

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Drake, the Raptors' rapper, is an adviser to his hometown team. He didn't put down any money to buy a piece of the team or arena like his Brooklyn counterpart did, didn't compose a song about his hometown that became the city's anthem and certainly didn't bring a world-famous wife to games. But hey, he's a kid. He might accomplish one of those things.

Saturday, he took to the airwaves, sitting aside the Raptors' TV team, offering analysis, including a dig at Jay-Z. He, suggested that he remains a man of the people while Jay-Z "is somewhere eating a fondue plate." No word from Jay on that one ... or on giant posters of his wife held by fans at courtside.

Then, again as Steve Popper of The Record tweeted of the Canadian city...

That of course a reference to the expletive-spouting GM, Masai Ujiri and the crack-smoking mayor, Rob Ford. God forbid, Ford offers a friendly bet to his New York counterpart. You never know what you'll get when the Nets win.