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Here's video of Raptors GM Masai Ujiri shouting 'F*** Brooklyn!'


The Toronto Raptors fans are certainly pumped up for their Game 1 playoff matchup with the Brooklyn Nets. How pumped? Well, they had a loud and certainly proud pre-game attendance hours before the start of the game. They also got some pumpin' up from the team's GM Masai Ujiri, who is among one of the young, bright General Managers in the NBA.


Ujiri got a little too pumped up by shouting "F**k Brooklyn!" to get the crowd hyped. (Note: Naturally, language is NSFW)

Does he not own a smartphone? Is he not aware that EVERYTHING we do these days is recorded, photographed and shared on the Internet? Or, does he just not care?

Oh well. It's all in good fun, right?

Ujiri met with the media during halftime of Game 1 and said that he apologizes for his language, but that's just how he feels about Brooklyn.

He'll probably dislike his fine, which is a near certainty, too.

After the game, Amir Johnson backed his GM. "He's a very passionate man," he said. "We definitely have his back. I'm with him 100 percent. If he said, '[F***] 'em,' I'll say, '[F***] 'em.' "

Back in New York, the combination of Ujiri's indiscretion and the Nets win inspired the guys who write the backpages of the city's tabloids --the Post and the Daily News-- to exact revenge for Brooklyn.