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Andrei Kirilenko to open up Russia's first Hooters

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Brooklyn Nets forward Andrei Kirilenko, who at the end of this month will open Russia's first ever Hooters restaurant. It will be one of five restaurants he will build and open in Russia under an agreement he has signed with Hooters of America Inc.

I know what you're thinking? "Russia doesn't have a Hooters? But, the wings are so good!" Well, as of April 28 they will have their first taste of said wings. However, it won't be without a little bit of controversy.

As Bloomberg News notes, Russia is not too keen on having U.S. brands open up shop in their country. Kirilenko, Russian-born but a dual citizen of Russia and the U.S., doesn't see a problem with it. He told Bloomberg, via telephone, "What do politics have to do with a sports bar?"

Very good point, but Kirilenko does acknowledge that there will be hurdles, most notably, having to convince people that it's "not a strip bar," he told Bloomberg.

But, of course, the restaurant, known for it wings (aka, "I read Playboy for the articles!"), will have all the perks that have made it such a well-known brand among males aged 13 to forever.

"Russians and Americans are more alike than different -- huge sports fans who are looking for great food and good times," Kirilenko said. "When you've got waitresses that look like ours, it's a slam dunk.'

Slam dunk, indeed.