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Nets vs. Cavs injury update: Who's in, who's out?

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Mike Stobe

It's game No. 82 and the Brooklyn Nets are in Cleveland to take on the Cavaliers. And while this game does have some playoff implications -- if the Nets lose and the Washington Wizards win tonight, the Nets fall to No. 6 in the East -- it's night two of a back-to-back, on the road in Cleveland and the playoffs are just days away. So, we expected to hear that some Nets wouldn't be playing in this one. And, as of now, here's who isn't playing...

"As of now," being the operative phrase.

Livingston remains out with a sprained toe, while Teletovic is out after his wife gave birth to twin babies. Johnson gets some much needed rest, as he'll have missed just three games this season after tonight -- leading the team in games played.

It's assumed that Williams is out due to rest. He did not speak with the media after Tuesday's loss to the Knicks, so while we thank you for your concern about his health, we're not sure if this is health related.

Again, things could change and it wouldn't surprise anyone if Kevin Garnett or maybe even Paul Pierce, or possibly Alan Anderson, don't play against the Cavaliers either.

Stay tuned for more updates.