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Will Jason Kidd shave his beard for the playoffs??

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Jason Kidd first started growing his (salt-and-pepper) beard at the beginning of January, perhaps to change his luck, or, some might suggest, to hide his identity.  After all, at that point, the Nets were 10-21.

On Monday, Kidd said he's considering shaving.

"I don’t do well with things for a long time," Kidd said on ESPN Radio "So it’s time to go back with a younger look, I think."

It's hard to tell how serious Kidd was with Michael Kay, but there's been no suggestion he will go back to wearing ties. Since he stopped on New Year's weekend, the Nets have gone 34-15 with the head coach sans tie but hirsute.

You can be sure,. however, that if Kidd is realistic about shaving, somewhere in Brooklyn, Brett Yormark is on the phone with Gillette.