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Teletovic tells Spanish writer: "There isn’t a team in the NBA that can stop us”

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Mirza Teletovic played six years in the Spanish League, learned more than a bit of the language, winning championships and the MVP of the Copa del Rey (Kings Cup) in 2009. After Sunday's game, where he scored 20 points, a Spanish sports site interviewed him on camera about whether players' mentality changes during the playoffs?

Teletovic answered that question and others about the playoffs, offering optimism about the team's ultimate goal.

Mirza: "I know from last year that it is much different from the regular season, much more energy, much more aggressiveness and players play with more intensity and well, there’s aren’t many games left to go… we have to win."

Mirza: "First of all there are no excuses, I believe everyone will be prepared mentally to do big things."

Mirza: "If we play our style of basketball… if we play hard how we know how to play with a very tough defense, you have to start there, with defense , play for each other , share the ball with each other… I believe there isn’t a team in the NBA that can stop us."

Thanks to Claud of NetsDaily Forum for the translation of the video.