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Playoff picture starting to set itself out heading into final week

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Two more games and then the second season starts, and for this Nets team, the real season. The Nets win over the Magic last night cemented them at least the sixth seed. A Wizards loss or a Nets win the rest of the way locks up the fifth seed for the Nets. Their magic number for the fifth seed is one.

  • The Bulls loss last night to the non-playoff bound Knicks put them back in the fourth seed as the Raptors squeaked by the Pistons, setting up a rematch from last season. The two teams have identical records, but for the Bulls to nab the third seed, they must beat Toronto by at least a game by the end of the season. Each team has two games remaining: The Bulls play the Magic at home and the Bobcats on the road. The Raptors play the Bucks and the Knicks. If the Raptors win both games, they get the three seed automatically.
  • As stated before, the Nets magic number to clinch the fifth seed is one. Brooklyn needs a win over the Cavaliers or the Knicks, or a Wizards loss to the Heat or the Celtics to lock up the fifth spot. Any one of those events gives the Nets the fifth seed.

One more week everybody, we're getting there.