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As Turkish League winds down, Fenerbahe and Bogdanovic head into deeper spiral

Facebook/Bojan Bogdanovic

This is getting to be pretty much a fool's errand tracking Bojan Bogdanovic who increasingly looks like he will be staying in Turkey next season, but the downward spiral of his team is quite amazing, almost comic.  Bogdanovic has said since the beginning of the season that he wants to win something in Europe for Fenerbahce before he leaves for the NBA and give his new coach, Zeljko Obradovic, another championship.

Fenerbahce is now out of the Euroleague playoffs and already lost the Turkish Cup, the mid-season tournament for the Turkish Basketball League.  Now, the yellow-and-black is losing games in the TBL just before the playoffs, the lone chance for that promised championship. Sunday, Pınar Karşıyaka, a mediocre Turkish team, defeated Fener, with Bogdanovic taking only eight shots, making four, and scoring 10 points. He also had three assists, two rebounds and two steals as Obradovic uses him in more of a facilitator role.

The TBL loss is yet another indication of how much the team, Obradovic and Bogdanovic have all been disappointing.

Just last week, the Euroleague disciplinary committee fined Obradovic 30,000 euros --nearly $42,000-- because he allegedly threatened physical harm to referees during the Fenerbahce - Emporio Armani match in İstanbul two weeks ago.  Mirsad Turkcan, the team's GM, was also fined 10,000 euros for the threats and the club itself was fined 5,000 euros after objects were thrown at the refs by fans. In a later ruling, a judge rejected a protest by Fenerbahçe Ülker to replay the Emporio Armani match.  Fener was down 14 points at the time of the incident.

Also last month, Obradovic pulled a player from the game then pushed him off the bench and sent him to the locker room. It was all seen as bizarre behavior, even by European standards.