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Deron Williams' gift to autism families: a night at Barclays

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autism speaks

Deron Williams hosted 65 families of children affected by autism in luxury suites Friday, a way to give them a night on town. Williams, whose son is autistic, met with families post-game. Each child and his family was photographed with Williams and his wife Amy and provided a gift. It was part of a larger effort sponsored by D-Will's Point of Hope Foundation, Autism Speaks and the Nets.

Autism Speaks lapel pins were worn by both teams’ coaching staff, Autism Speaks was honored on the scoreboard. Williams' Point of Hope is now focused on autism and he's an ambassador for Autism Speaks.

"There's different levels of the spectrum and some kids are bothered by loud noise and ruckus, and so if they can get in a setting where they can kind of be away from it, it makes it a little easier and allows the parents to relax a little bit more and just allow them to enjoy it," said Williams earlier this month.

Autism Speaks --and the families-- tweeted out thanks to D-Will.

In addition to Autism Awareness Night at Barclays Center, is hosting a live auction for fans to bid on two pair of signed blue Nike basketball shoes worn by Williams. Fans can bid on the shoes until Wednesday, April 23 on Charitybuzz here.