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Updated Nets playoff picture; could Game 1 be in Toronto?

Mike Stobe

The Nets seem to be content with the fifth seed. They have been resting starters the past two games and seem to have faced the fact that they aren't going up or down. With one more week left, they're almost locked into playing game one on the road, but the bigger question is where? We will get to that in a bit, but here the Nets magic numbers before Saturday's games.

Nets magic number to clinch at least the sixth seed: 1

Nets magic number to clinch the fifth seed: 2

  • A huge development that fans took seriously came to fruition when the Bulls beat the Pistons and the Raptors lost to the Knicks. The Bulls now have one game on the Raptors for the third seed. Chicago must finish at least a game ahead of Toronto for them to clinch the three seed; a tie would give the Raptors the three seed. The Bulls play in New York, at home against the Magic then at Charlotte to finish the season. The Raptors have to play the Pistons on the road, the Bucks and Knicks at home before their season finishes.
  • A Wizards loss and a Nets win gives Brooklyn the five seed.

A series against Toronto could be huge for Brooklyn. The Bulls play tough and grind their way to victories, and everyone remembers last year. The Raptors are young, athletic and (mostly) new to the playoffs, the Nets could use their experience to their advantage. But, you guys decide!