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Shaun Livingston will NOT play vs. the Hawks

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets announced that Shaun Livingston will not play Friday night against the Atlanta Hawks because of a sprained toe on his right foot. This will be the second straight game Livingston will miss because of his toe.

Of course, the Nets are readying themselves for a playoff run that starts next week, so resting guys like Livingston who has played a career-high in minutes this season, makes a lot of sense. It would seem as if the reason they've holding Livingston out is because of rest and not necessarily because he can't play.

Everyone else is available, according to Jason Kidd.

The Nets are essentially locked into the 5th seed in the East, and with a Raptors win on Friday (or a Nets loss), that would give Toronto the Atlantic Division crown. The Nets are three games behind the Raptors and Bulls for either 3rd or 4th in the East, while sitting three games ahead of the Bobcats, who are in 6th right now, with four games remaining.