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Deadlines and Commitments - No. 50

Mike Ehrmann

We haven't done this in a while, but now, with the playoffs upon us followed by the Draft and free agency, we figured it was time. Not to mention that we've ditched the roman numerals.

So here goes, from next week through next preseason.

April 16 - 19 -- Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, Portsmouth, VA. the first pre-draft camp, this one for college seniors projected at either the end of the second round or undrafted. Jorge Gutierrez played there in 2012.

April 16 -- NBA regular season ends in Cleveland

April 19 -- NBA Playoffs begin somewhere, but likely Chicago.

May 5 -- Playoff second rounds begin (possible move-up to May 3 or 4)

May 14 - 18 -- NBA Draft Combine (Chicago).  Nets personnel will be there as top 60 draft prospects work out. Players get measured and interviewed and scouted by every NBA team. 

May 20 -- Conference Finals begin (possibly move-up to May 18 or 19)

May 20 -- NBA draft lottery. The Tankers Ball. For second straight year, Nets are not involved in any way.

June 5 -- NBA Finals begin. Just saying.

June 7 - 9 -- Adidas Euro-Camp in Treviso, Italy. The European equivalent of the Pre-Draft Combine.

June 26 -- NBA draft. The Nets currently have no picks in either the first or second round, but intend to buy a second rounder with the $2 million in cash considerations they have. Undetermined if the Draft will be in Brooklyn or back at the Garden.

June 29 -- Decision day for Andray Blatche, Andrei Kirilenko and Alan Anderson, all of whom have player options for 2014-15. 

July 1 -- First day Nets can officially talk to free agents, including their own.  That means Paul Pierce, Shaun Livingston and Jason Collins.  Although July 1 begins a nine-day signing moratorium, rumored deals get leaked starting that morning.

July 6 - 11 -- Orlando Summer League. Who will play for the Nets?  Too early to even speculate but Gutierrez, Marquis Teague and Mason Plumlee are probables.  Whoever the Nets take in the Draft is likely to participate as well unless he's a European.

July 10 -- First day  free agents can sign contracts.

August 30 – September 14 -- FIBA World Championship in Spain. Gutierrez will play for Mexico, Andray Blatche may play for the Philippines and the Nets two Euro-Stash will play for the national teams: Bojan Bogdanovic for Croatia, Ilkan Karaman for Turkey.

October 7 -- Preseason: Nets vs Maccabi Tel Aviv, Barclays Center

October 12 -- Preseason: Nets vs Kings at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai

October 15 -- Preseason: Nets vs Kings at the MasterCard Center in Beijing