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"The Block" was good!

USA Today

USA Today's Adi Joseph says the NBA has reviewed Mason Plumlee 's game-ending block on LeBron James and concluded it was good!

Joseph reports there was no official release because the ruling on the court was confirmed. Thorn made his comment on a teleconference about refereeing.

After the Nets won the game and swept the world champions, there were questions, particularly from James and the Heat, about whether Plumlee got James hand.  If James hadn't been blocked, the Heat would almost certainly have won the game. If the refs had called it a foul, James would have two foul shots with almost no time left to win the game. Instead, the refs called it a clean block and the Nets won, 88-87.

In case you've forgotten, this block...

The NBA has been particularly transparent this season, on more than one occasion criticizing refs' late game calls. Not this one!