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Looks like the Nets will be the five seed

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it looks like it will be the five seed. The Nets giving a poor effort in Orlando, mixed in with a Raptors and Bulls win, has made it seem likely that the Nets will be the five seed in the East come seasons ends. The Nets are three back of the Raptors and Bulls for the third and fourth seed, but still three up on the Bobcats and Wizards for the fifth seed.

That being said, here are the Nets' magic numbers to clinch playoff positions as of Thursday morning.

Magic number to clinch the fifth AND the sixth seed: 2

(The Wizards and Bobcats are tied, so a combination of a Nets win and a Bobcats/Wizards loss would give the Nets the fifth seed).

  • There really isn't much to talk about in regards to the Raptors. The Nets don't have the tiebreaker over them and are three back of Toronto with four to play. The Raptors easy schedule makes it nearly impossible for the Nets to catch them. All of the same applies to the Bulls. However, for the Nets to play game one in Toronto instead of Chicago, the Bulls must beat the Raptors outright. The Raptors get the tiebreaker because they will be the division winner. Both teams have an easy schedule coming up, and the fact that they are tied should make an intriguing final week. The Bulls play the Pistons, in New York, the Magic, and they finish on the road against the Bobcats. The Raptors take on the Knicks, at Detroit, the Bucks, and in New York.
  • The Bobcats impressive victory over the Wizards last night puts them in the six seed and in control of their own destiny. That doesn't change the Nets playoff standing considering the Nets still have a three-game lead on both the Bobcats and Wizards.

We will keep you updated if anything changes with the Nets standing, but with four games remaining, and Jason Kidd already saying he plans to rest players against the Hawks on Friday, it seems that the Nets are content with the fifth seed.