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Injury Update: Andrei Kirilenko OUT; Dwight Howard will NOT play for the Rockets

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets informed the media that Andrei Kirilenko will not play on Tuesday night against the Houston Rockets. It was a bit of expected news, even as the Nets did say that Kirilenko is targeting a return "midweek," seeing as they also have a game Wednesday night against the Knicks.

Kevin Garnett is targeting a return during the Nets' Florida trip on April 8 and 9, where they take on the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic. There is still no word on Marcus Thornton (back) and whether or not he will play on Tuesday.

For the Houston Rockets, they will be without Dwight Howard and Patrick Beverley.

Brooklyn is looking to continue their streak at home, hoping to extend it to 14 straight games and clinch a spot in the 2014 NBA Playoffs.