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Nets to have 'Social Media Night' on Monday, March 10 against the Toronto Raptors

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Justin Edmonds

Want to know how it is 2014 and Twitter has taken over the world? Well, the Nets are having their first "Social Media Night" at the Barclays Center next Monday, March 10, when they take on the Toronto Raptors.

This is the second cool jersey-related event the Nets have been apart of this season They wore nicknamed jerseys on January 10 against the Miami Heat. The team will also wear the "Dodger Blue" short-sleeved jerseys on five home dates, starting with the next Celtics game on March 21. In fact, the Nets will wear the "Dodger Blue" jerseys in five of their last eight home games.

It's not known if the Nets will include any other social media aspects to Monday's game, but shooting shirts may be enough for the casual fan. The game itself has major playoff implications, and if one feels to tweet to a player during the game about how they are playing, just look at the back of their shirt!