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Billy King talks Nets on Sirius, including update on Brook Lopez

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Jeff Zelevansky

Billy King spoke with a panel of writers on Sirius XM Radio Wednesday morning and spoke about a number of issues, including Brook Lopez's rehab, what Marcus Thornton brings to the team and Jason Kidd's management style in the locker room.  Sirius tweeted out some highlights:

Lopez, who King has said will NOT return this season no matter how long it goes, is doing fine, said King.  SiriusXM originally tweeted that the Nets GM said Lopez was "ahead" of schedule.  Later, they DM'd to say they had erred, that King  actually said Lopez is "on" schedule rather than "ahead."

SiriusXM aldo provided King's direct quote: "He’s making great progress. He’s feeling good. The goal is to get him back preparing for the season and we expect him to be back on the court in the off-season and getting ready and have no ill effects from the injury."

On the value of having a real live shooter like Marcus Thornton (13.4 ppg as a Net) on the court, King noted it's not just his touch but his youth. He's 26.

Ironically, King said he sees a young Jason Terry in Thornton, ironic because he traded a 36-year-old Jason Terry for Thornton.  Terry's now at home rehabbing.

"I liken him to Jason Terry when Jason Terry was his age," King told SiriusXM. "And … when we made the trade in moving Jason Terry, that was my thought process. Can we get a guy that can give us that spark in a game, a playoff game or a late stretch when you need a big win? He has that ability.’’

As for Kidd's management style as a head coach, King said...

King also said the Nets are monitoring Kevin Garnett's back spasms, saying there's no timetable for his return. KG has missed three games.