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Nets work out Jorge Gutierrez and Darius Johnson-Odom

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Many Nets' fans have been calling for the front office to look to the D-League for some young talent with unfilled roster spot. The Nets' pursuit of a 15th man had been quiet until Wednesday when during their game against the Memphis Grizzlies,Marc Stein of reports that the Nets worked out Jorge Gutierrez and Darius Johnson-Odom this week as they look to add another player to their roster.

Stein added to his report that Gutierrez may have an edge on Johnson-Odom due to his short stint with the team this past fall.

Gutierrez has been playing well for the Canton Charge, his D-League club, this season. He has played and started in 35 games, scoring nearly 14 points per game and dishing out nearly 7 assists.

Johnson-Odom, the former Marquette stand out, has been tearing it up in Springfield this season for the Armor. DJO has been averaging 22 points per game, 4 rebounds, and 6 assists in his 25 games with the team.

Either Gutierrez or Johnson-Odom can benefit the Nets. The Nets could add to their point guard depth with no true backup on the bench now that Deron Williams and Shaun Livingston both start.