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Mike Fratello: Lawrence Frank's reports are in-depth and he's "still a contributor"

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Lawrence Frank is still listed on the Nets front office directory as an assistant coach, still in the lead position. He's still on the payroll and filing reports.  The "reassignment" was one of the low points of the Nets season, his daily reports even becoming the subject of a snarky website.

But in an interview on the Michael Kay Show, centered on the Nets coaching situation, Mike Fratello says don't dismiss those reports as a joke.  No surprise, he says, Frank is taking the job seriously.

Lawrence Frank is not taking his position, from I gather, what I've heard lightly. That's not who he's about. He treats it with a great amount of respect. He knows what his responsibilities are, what his duties are and he sends in IN-DEPTH reports, whether they be pre-game reports going into the game or the post-game write-ups after the game.

Maybe we should look it that he's done a pretty good job. It's a team thing. Maybe the part that he's been doing is very good.

Whatever happened with Lawrence, Lawrence is still a contributor. He's just not there on the bench every night.

Fratello, who's won 666 NBA games, also talked about Jason Kidd's maturation as a coach.

Perhaps at the beginning, he was listening to many voices. You can't do that. It's very confusing when you have three, four different people all with an opinion. That's why you see so many head coaches have one guy that the other coaches go to. ANd that guy transfers that information to the head guy.  I think Jason has done a great job sorting that out. He knows where he's going to listen and obviously what has taken place has helped their preparation.

Specifically, the YES analyst said the Nets have figured out how to play small ball.

They've found out a way to play small. they basically try to find the best mismatch in their favor. And they've done a very good job eventually of creating those mismatches and taking advantage of it and then playing off of it.

Asked about their chances of catching Toronto in the division or catching fire in the playoffs, Fratello said the team's veteran make-up is a big positive. "These guys have been around."