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Mason Plumlee keeps showing off

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

How did this guy last till No. 22 ... in a bad draft nonetheless?  And aren't the Nets glad that he did!

Mason Plumlee showed once again Monday that the Nets were wise to the take the 7'1" (in sneakers) big man with the 36" max vertical (five and a half inches higher than DeAndre Jordan).  He has two big-time NBA highlights, blocking Joakim Noah and taking a Paul Pierce alley and making it oop but equally impressive was his BBIQ. Doesn't hurt to play four years for Coach K and then be mentored by Kevin Garnett, who he replaced in the starting lineup.

Plumee know he had a big challenge filling in for the future Hall of Famer who's made communicating on D an art form.

"Yeah, you almost have to go over the top to an extent because those are big shoes to fill," said Plumlee, who scored six points (three dunks) and grabbed four rebounds in 22 minutes. "Everybody, they hang on every word he says. He’s vocal and guys respect what he says. They might not respect me the same way so I’ve got to say it louder and more often [when] making the calls defensively."

His teammates appreciated it all.

"Mase gave us a lot of energy running the court, he set great picks, he was able to rebound and block shots," Joe Johnson praised..  Plumlee now leads all rookies in player efficiency rating, shooting percentage and of course dunks.