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For Billy King, the Nets have an identity, a system

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The Nets recent success has given everyone in the Brooklyn organization a shot of confidence, but Billy King says it's not just confidence. It's the development of a team identify and a system that will make his job as GM a lot easier going forward.

"So now putting a team together, I know which players to add," says King. "That’s something we’ve been searching for for a while, is getting an identity so now in the offseason, Jason and I have already talked about the type of players he wants and have a feel for. "That’s the key, you have a system. A lot of the credit, the players have played well, but Jason has been amazing."

King of course has limited flexibility but as he's proved within those limits there are possibilities, like trading two 30+ players who weren't playing much for a 26-year-old Marcus Thornton who's proven he can catch fire, or drafting Mason Plumlee a four-year college player who few thought could play big minutes who's helped save the season.

There remain questions, like how long will Kevin Garnett be out.  As the Boston Globe's Gary Washburn writes, "Doc Rivers used to give Garnett time off before the postseason and Kidd appeared to be following suit, but at 37 Garnett may need to shake off the rust before the playoffs begin."

For King, though, going forward, the team knows what kind of players he wants to add, to add to the team identity.