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Kevin Garnett a game-time decision tonight vs. Bulls

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets finally return home after having played their last seven games on the road, only to have to take on the red-hot Chicago Bulls, winners of four straight and nine of their last 10. Unfortunately, the Nets may be without their defensive anchor in the middle, as Kevin Garnett is listed as a game-time decision due to back spasms.

Jason Kidd did say this past weekend that he wasn't all that concerned with Garnett's back spasms being a long-term issue, offering up that Garnett did not play on Saturday against the Bucks because it was his "rest day." Still, there has to be some concern about back spasms, seeing as Andrei Kirilenko had an extended battle with them earlier in the season.

This also illustrates the reason why the Nets added a big in Jason Collins, whose role now becomes that of a third big off the bench against one of the tougher frontcourts in the NBA, anchored by Joakim Noah.