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Paul Pierce talks social media, including his favorite moment

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SportsBusiness Journal writer Liz Mullen asked athletes what attracts them to social media. The following are highlights of what she gathered from Kansas City Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie, Brooklyn Nets forward Paul Pierce, and New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira. Here's Pierce's responses.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

What he's learned about using Twitter...

PIERCE: Twitter is great for sharing and for promoting things I am doing off the court that people may not know that much about. I have learned to tweet selectively and not over-tweet. Quality, not quantity.

What social media he's on...

PIERCE: I am on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. ... Twitter, I’ll tweet when I’m rooting for a game, I always tweet out photos of my family on Halloween or on vacation, and I do use it to share what my corporate partners want to communicate. Instagram is photo-heavy and I use it when at events or on the road taking photos, and Facebook is a combo of the two. Facebook my management team usually manages for me, and they curate from everything that’s on Twitter and Instagram as well as good articles that are being written about me or my team and my foundation.

Does he tweet himself or have someone else do it...

PIERCE: I’ve always done my own. I like to use it as an inside look into my life — whether it’s posting pictures of my family on Instagram or tweeting out support for my KU Jayhawks. I have always had my Facebook page managed by my agency, with my input of course.

His favorite social media experience...

PIERCE: My favorite post is when I launched my Instagram account the day before my press conference in Brooklyn this past summer. I posted a series of my favorite photos from the course of my career as a Boston Celtic as a way to thank Boston fans for everything and make sure they knew how much they meant to me, game in and game out. ... I posted one single photo from the press conference saying #HELLOBROOKLYN right afterwards. I think I got over 45,000 Instagram followers within the hour of launching it.