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Nets shooting 40.8 percent from deep in March

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

There are few Nets players who can't hit a three (Shaun Livingston and Mason Plumlee come to mind) but those who can, do.  Mike Mazzeo reports that during March, the Nets are in the top five of deep shooters, both in terms of attempts per game (26.3) and accuracy (40.8 percent). There were seasons in the not too distant past where a 40 percent game was a reason to party.

Joe Johnson (45.8 percent), Paul Pierce (44.8), Marcus Thornton (41.2), Deron Williams (41) and Mirza Teletovic (36.2) are all shooting well from behind the arc in March, writes Mazzeo. The big advantage may be the bench production. In March, Teletovic has had four games where he's hit three or more three-pointers and one where he hit six.  Thornton has had five games of four or more including one where he hit five.

Among other fun facts from deep, courtesy of Nets PR reports:

--Johnson has made at least one three-pointer in 20 straight games, longest Nets streak since Anthony Morrow in 2010.

--During Nets' 12-game home win streak, Johnson (30-55, 54.5%) & Pierce (25-44, 56.8%) have both shot 50%+ from three-point range.

--Teletovic has has hit five or more three's coming off bench five times this season. Number of Nets who've done that previously? Zero.

Jason Kidd, who finished his career behind only Ray Allen and Reggie Miller in three's made, has encouraged the deep shooting.

"It’s always the juggling act of being able to keep your balance offensively," Nets coach Jason Kidd said. "Taking wide-open 3s, but looking to take layups and let the ball touch the paint and trying to score once you get that ball in the paint. It’s something we have done, but sometimes we have gone with shooting more three's after missing a couple. ... [Still], when the opportunity presents itself, I’m a big believer in taking [three's]."