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Will Kevin Garnett return during the regular season?

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Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Before Friday night's game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, coach Jason Kidd seemed to lay out a scenario in which he isn't all that concerned whether or not Kevin Garnett returns to the basketball court during the regular season.

Garnett, who has missed 15 straight games with back spasms, heading into Friday night, continues to be day-to-day, but Kidd said that he would be alright if Garnett didn't return during the regular season.

From The Brooklyn Game:

"If he gets to play before the playoffs, that would be great," Kidd said of Garnett. "If he gets to practice before the playoffs, that would be great. If he had no practice or no games, for him being on the floor, that would help us dramatically."

It should come as no surprise that the Nets are being cautious with Garnett, especially since before the start of the season Kidd was already making plans to make sure he had a healthy Garnett in the playoffs, essentially saying that KG would not play on both nights of back-to-backs and that they'll look at monitoring his minutes.

Kidd also went on to say that he wouldn't be concerned about Garnett needing to get into "game shape" in time for the playoffs.