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Did Bojan Bogdanovic inch close to another year in Europe?

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Bojan Bogdanovic spoke last weekend to Eurohoops about his plans for the future. Although he didn't commit to staying with Fenerbahce next season, the free agent did appear to inch closer.

"Zoc was one of the reasons that I decided to stay in Europe," the 6'8" Nets pick said of his coach, Zeljko Obradovic, in translated comments. "It’s always a pleasure to work with him and I really enjoy it. I hope continue doing it for long.".

Problem is Fener keeps losing. After losing the Turkish Club, the Istanbul club is now virtually out of the Euroleague playoffs after falling to Milan Friday. Bogdanovic, apparently out of his shooting slump, filled the boxscore, scoring 24 points (the most he's scored since December) on 10-of-15 shooting including 4-of-6 from downtown. He also blocked three shots and handed out three assists.

Bogdanovic has dropped hints of his desire to stay with Fener, mostly in comments praising his coach, often called the Phil Jackson of Europe. But he's never directly commit to another year with the Istanbul team. Obradovic has told Turkish media that Bogdanovic "isn't going anywhere." The Croatian star, generally considered one of Europe's top players, is a free agent. Unlike last July when the Nets came close to signing him, there's no buyout issue. The larger issue is whether the Nets would use their mini-MLE to sign him.

Since last summer, he's engaged in a guessing game, not uncommon among free agents on either side of the Atlantic. Back in July, he expressed continuing interest in the Nets, even after he and Brooklyn couldn't reach an agreement on a contract.

"This club is excellent with great expectations," he said after signing with Fener, "But certainly you will see me one day in Brooklyn.'' After making the All-Eurobasket team in September, he reiterated that, "I could leave at the end of the current contract, but I can also wait (more) years."

In recent months, he changed agents, leading to more speculation. His arrangement appears to be a package deal with two agents, one European, one American, who work together. European fans suggest that the choice of Alex Raskovic, also Obradovic's agent, indicates he's likely to stay. But others note that his NBA agent, Arn Tellem, is the NBA's biggest agent and reps four players on the Nets --Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, Jason Collins and Jorge Gutierrez. Tellem's son, Matt, also works for the Nets.

Bogdanovic, who's been in an extended slump, plays in a crucial Euroleague game tonight.